Worth every single penny: Sixthman’s Warped Tour Rewind cruise

The Warped Tour Rewind cruise featured concerts, games and activities, and a new theme every night. Photo courtesy of Will Byington Photography © 2017

Four nights and five days seem to blur together with intimate band sets, endless activities and copious amounts of food and fun. This is a music lovers paradise, and this charter cruise has not seen the last of me.

Don’t just take my word for it. Their website shows that 60 percent of people who go on these cruises book another one after. These are pricey rates, so that really says a lot.

Starting with pre-boarding

Sixthman sets the tone from the moment you submit your first payment. You can contact them by email or phone at any time and get a prompt response. From personal experience, they are the most helpful people with solutions for a million and one problems. You are also kept up to date on everything going on with the cruise via email and a group Facebook page.

I got emails with updates on every status of the hurricane. They also released updated lineups, sign-ups for onboard games, and the themes for each night of the cruise.

The innovative staff over at Sixthman also comprised checklists along the way: payment checklists, things to do in New Orleans (which is where we docked from), what to pack, and so much more. They also include deals of hundreds of dollars off future cruises for booking your first one at full-price.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also had the group Facebook page that not only worked as a customer service outlet but also connected you to the other cruisers. You can chat about what bands you’re most excited to see and what things you’ll be doing when the boat docks at your destination. There are also a lot of countdown posts to get you excited for your departure. Using the Facebook page, I made friends, and we ended up signing up for flip cup together.

From left to right, Kevin Lyman, creator of warped tour, and Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte of 3oh!3 during a 2 hours panel discussion. Photo courtesy of Bailey Mosley/Connect.


Getting on board, I did not know what to expect, but it beat all of my expectations. Walking on the ship, you are immediately greeted with high fives from the Sixthman staff, which is a trend throughout the cruise. When you walk in, you see a stage set up and a bar pumping drinks already. It is party time the second you step on board.

Beyond that, they have this place decked out in whatever the theme of your cruise is. So, my cruise was the “Warped Tour Rewind,” featuring lots of punk-rock artwork and the logo they created specifically for the cruise. This logo, and the style to compliment it, was everywhere. On balconies, your lanyard, room key, the elevator doors and even on the bar napkins.

The freaking bar napkins.

You’ll also notice that throughout the ship, the music is to the theme of your cruise.

It is like stepping into this world of the music you love and being surrounded by others who also love it too.

Shows and Experiences

There were four stages set up around the ship with minimal performance overlap. You could easily watch half of one band’s set and then catch the next or even a whole performance of another’s.

On the Warped cruise, they held “Story Teller” performances by each band. That is where my only complaint comes from. One of the stages was level with the crowd, and I couldn’t see anything for one of my favorite bands.

That being said, that band played three other sets on every other stage so it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

The interactions with the bands were very intimate.

You literally could be sitting at the bar and suddenly that lead singer you had taped on your wall is sitting next to you. It is important not to fangirl too hard. It’s better to just start a conversation or even just tell them how awesome you think they are. This really only freaks you out the first day on the ship, by the last day, you’ll forget that they are actually famous in the real world.

By that last night, you start to realize this whole new family you have. You have all these new friends around you who enjoy the same things as you who are in this magical place.

The “Warped Tour Rewind” cruise featured lots of punk-rock artwork and a logo created specifically for the cruise. Photo courtesy of Will Byington Photography © 2017.

Final Thoughts

Not only are you bummed to have to go back to work or school, but you also get this melancholy feeling that you won’t be in the same company anymore.

I gave my last high fives to the Sixthman crew and hauled my ever-so-heavy luggage back to reality. With a new Warped Tour Rewind family only a Facebook post away, I smiled having an experience worth every single penny.


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